Our Mission

We view each child as a unique individual with something special to offer.

We show an interest in each child, calling them by name, communicating individually with them, and listening to what they have to say.

We are enthusiastic, energetic and fun to be around; we are well-prepared and competent.

We are committed to promoting:

  • Artistic Expression: We encourage students to express themselves creatively, through art,  music, theater, and dance.
  • Intellectual Development: We challenge students intellectually, helping them develop a passion for life-long learning.
  • Leadership Potential:  We believe firmly in the mission “learning today, leading tomorrow.”
  • Traditional Chinese Culture: We celebrate traditional Chinese culture and welcome students of  all backgrounds.

Our Preschool Chinese immersion program provides a small class size bilingual (English and Chinese) learning environment. Our students are co-taught by an enthusiastic, professional English teacher, and a dedicated, native speaking Chinese teacher. Students learn language, mathematics, STEAM, and essential life skills while their social-emotional development is nurtured. 

Our afterschool program and summer camp are one of the largest ones in Montgomery County, Maryland. Since 2015, we have provided children of ages 5 to 13 with a nurturing afterschool experience with enthusiasm and professionalism, where we supervise their homework and provide a variety of enriching and creative activities they can participate in such as STEM, Chinese, academics, sports, music, drama, and so on. Our program offers youth opportunities to develop leadership and decision-making skills, generate positive outcomes via a structured system for improved academic performance, and offer the kind of flexibility that our families need.

Our summer camp provides a one-week (5 days) or two-week (10 days) sessions, 7 hours per day, to ages 3 to 13 years, in an age appropriate subject area (9 major subject areas) of their choosing. Our 2022 Summer Camp provides 56 courses of nine subject areas, i.e., Performance, STEM, Art, Multi-Interest, Future Leaders, Chinese, Movement, Early Education, and Academic. Our instructors are specialists in their educational fields, not general child care providers. They work hard to help our students achieve learning gains. Students are not limited to one subject throughout their weeks with us; they can venture into a variety of topics and determine what is of most interest to them out of the spectrum of high-quality courses.

We also provide aftercare as needed. 

We offer programming in a variety of fields during the week and on the weekend to children of ages 2-13. English Reading & Writing, Chinese, Gymnastics, Wushu Martial Arts, Theater and Coding are the most  popular courses.